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Malvarosa Uses, Health Benefits and Side Effects

Malvarosa used as aromatic scent to treat depression and stress....(more)

What is Malvarosa Malvarosa is an erect shrub native in South Africa and widely cultivated for its fragrant oils...(more)

Malvarosa Herbal Preparation is prepared as tincture, tea, ointment cream and as aromatic oils. It is available in chinese pharmacy and health stores....(more)

Malvarosa used in medicine. It has a promising activity against cancer and as a potent antioxidant...(more)

Malvarosa use warning and cautions. Malvarosa is a nontoxic and generally safe but there are reported cases that overdosage can cause liver and kidney damage....(more)


What is Malvarosa

Scientific Name: Pelargonium grave lens

Common names: Malvarosa, rose geranium, rose-scent geranium, gerânio, sardineira.


Malvarosa (Pelargonium grave lens) is an erect shrub native in southern Africa. Malvarosa is a species in the Pelargonium genus commonly called as geranium of the plant family Geraniaceae. Malvarosa can reach to a height of more than 1m and can spread to about 1 meter.

Malvarosa’s stems are hairy that are herbaceous when still young but becoming woody as it mature. The white-pinkish and light purple flowers of Malvarosa blooms from late winter to spring, it has umbel-like inflorescence. Malvarosa leaves are deeply five lobed, have velvety texture due to numerous glandular hairs and are strongly scented.

Malvarosa has great importance in the perfume industry. Malvarosa is commercially cultivated, its foliage are distilled to extract fragrant scents. Malvarosa cultivars have a wide variety of scents including citrus, rose, mint, nutmeg, as well as various fruits.

Malvarosa also has value in both modern and folkloric medicine.

Malvarosa, herbal medicine - Active Constituents

  • Citronellol
  • Linalool
  • Isomethone
  • Geranial
  • Geraniol
  • Geranyl formate
  • Citronellyl formate
  • 10-epi-y-Eudesmol

Malvarosa, Traditional Medicine

Decoction of pulverized Malvarosa leaves and flowers are used as antibacterial, antiseptic, fungicide and astringent.

  • used as acne treatment,
  • wound wash to stop bleeding, prevent infection and promote healing
  • hemorrhoids treatment for its anti-inflammation activity,
  • As vaginal was to treat yeast infection.

Decoction of leaves and flowers are taken as tea to treat coughs and stomach ache.

Extracted oil from Malvarosa is used in aroma therapy for depression, to relieve stress and promote well being.

Malvarosa: Medicinal and Health Benefits

Malvarosa Anti Oxidant
In a study published in “Research Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences”, 2009; entitled “Antioxidant and Anticancer Activities of Citrus reticulate (Petitgrain Mandarin) and Pelargonium grave lens (Geranium) Essential Oils” showed that extracts from Pelargonium grave lens or Malvarosa exert pronounced antioxidant activities. Compounds found in Malvarosa extract were found to have scavenging action against free radicals that have potential employment as additives in food and cosmetics.

Malvarosa Anti Cancer
In the same study stated above, the antioxidant and anticancer activities of geranium essential oil may be attributed to the major contents of citronellol and transgeraniol. These oil soluble compounds found in Malvarosa showed active inhibition of the  nchorage-independent growth of human MIA and PaCa2 pancreatic tumor cells.
>Malvarosa oil or geranium essential oil is more effective on NB4 cell line than HL-60 cell line.

Anti inflammatory, Anti Cancer Property of Malvarosa extract
In as study published in “British Journal of  Nutrition 2012”, entitled “Effects of a Chinese medical herbs complex on cellular immunity and toxicity-related conditions of breast cancer patients”, Rose geranium (Pelargonium grave lens, Geraniaceae) was found to have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, and promotes wound healing. Extracts from Malvarosa can improve the immune cell count of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy to prevent leucopenia and immune impairment that usually occurs during cancer therapy.

Malvarosa Antibacterial Activity
In a study published in  “Phytotherapy Research 2011” entitled “Potentiation of antimicrobial activity of ciprofloxacin by Pelargonium grave lens essential oil against selected uropathogens” showed that Pelargonium grave lens L' Hér (Malvarosa) essential oil in combination with ciprofloxacin has antimicrobial action when evaluated on uropathogens, namely, Klebsiella pneumoniae KT2, Proteus mirabilis PRT3 and Staphylococcus aureus ST2.

Malvarosa: Side Effects, Cautions and Warnings

  • Malvarosa oil and its extracts are generally safe since it is non toxic.
  • Geranium oil (Malvarosa oil) may cause allergic dermatitis to sensitive people.
  • Overdose of Malvarosa extract may cause liver and kidney damage.
  • Malvarosa extract intake during pregnancy and breast feeding is discouraged.

Malvarosa: Availability, Where to buy?

  • Geranium oil (Malvarosa oil) may be purchased in most health stores.
  • Malvarosa oil and its extracts are available as ingredients in shampoo, lotions, creams, oil preparation, aromatic scents and as tinctures.
  • Malvarosa or Geranium oil is also available online through Amazon where you may have plenty of choices. Try Geranium (Bourbon) 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil- 10 ml that has a favorable review from a happy user.

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