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What is tension head ache is a feeling of tightening band on the head and may radiate from the neck up...(more)

What are the causes of tension head ache rel cause of tension head ache in not yet determined. ..(more)
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What is Tension Headache

Tension headache is one of the most common medical condition why most people go to the doctor.

According to International Headache Society, there are about 129 distinct types of headache. But the most common type cause of headache is migraine, tension, and headache caused by sinus. For the time being we will concentrate more on the more common type of headache which is tension headache. As for migraine headache there is another article written for that topic.

Stress or tension headache is the most common of all headache. It has the most socio-economic impact of all common illness suffered. Tension headache is usually mild to moderate, band-like pain that affects the whole head.


Causes of Tension Headache

As the name may imply, stress or tension may be the cause of tension headache but not always. The real cause of tension headache is not yet well understood but may be related to a lower-than-normal threshold for pain and in neurochemical process inherent in the brain of the tension headache sufferer.


Symptoms of Tension Headache

Symptom of tension headache is usually mild to moderate, although its symptoms may also be severe. When tension headache attacks, the feeling or symptom is like there is a tightening band around the head, making the whole head ache. The symptom often begin in the back of the head and upper neck as a band-like tightness or pressure. The pain may last from 30 minutes to a whole week. Tension headache typically starts several hours after waking and rarely awakens a person from sleep. Head pain is less intense, nausea is rare, and auras do not occur

Diagnosis is determined based from the person's description of the pain. No specific diagnostic procedure can confirm the diagnosis. Rarely does computed tomography (CT scan) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the head is used to determine and rule out other disorders that may cause headache, particularly if the headache have just develop recently.

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